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Word for Wednesday: Education
Commonly Confused Words: Peace vs. Piece
Word for Wednesday: Disaster
20 Steps to Help You Improve Your Spelling in 2020 (part 2)
Word for Wednesday: Declutter
20 Steps to Help You Improve Your Spelling in 2020 (part 1)
Word for Wednesday: Champagne
2019 Blog Round Up
Christmassy Words for Wednesday
Word for Wednesday: Partridge
10 Christmas Greetings
Five Wintry Word Lists for the Christmas Season
Word for Wednesday: Tinsel
Word for Wednesday: Trim
Spellzone November Round-Up
Word for Wednesday: Thank You
Sixty More American English Words and their British English Counterparts
10 Words for… HELLO
Word for Wednesday: Nice
25 Idioms about Earth
Word for Wednesday: Kindness
 Commonly Confused Words: Waist vs. Waste
Word for Wednesday: Cappuccino
Spellzone October Round-Up
Word for Wednesday: Aghast 
5 Spooky Spelling Lists 
Word for Wednesday: Genuine
Bonus Spooky Spelling Game
Word for Wednesday: Vape 
10 Words for… ANGRY
Word for Wednesday: Flood
20 Idioms about Air
Word for Wednesday: Quiz
Spellzone September Round-up
Word for Wednesday: Queue
Commonly Confused Words: Allude vs. Elude
Word for Wednesday: Ahoy 
10 Words for … HARDWORKING
Word for Wednesday: Spelling
Back to School: Are you using Spellzone in your classroom?
Word for Wednesday: September 
Spellzone August Round-up
Word for Wednesday: Pupil 
Word for Wednesday: Groggy 
20 Idioms about Dogs
Commonly Confused Words: Enquire vs. Inquire
Word for Wednesday: Nightmare 
10 Words for... HAPPY 
Word for Wednesday: Trivia
Spellzone July Round-up
Word for Wednesday: Companion
Word for Wednesday: Sandwich
Commonly Confused Words: Bath vs. Bathe
Word for Wednesday: Emoji
Commonly Confused Words: Assume vs. Presume
Word for Wednesday: Stream
Commonly Confused Words: For vs. Fore vs. Four
Let’s Take a Look at American English
Word for Wednesday: Clue
Spellzone June Round-Up
Word for Wednesday: Coward
Ten Ways to Make the Most Out of Spellzone
Word for Wednesday: Cricket
Word for Wednesday: Shower
Fifty Idioms to Describe People: Part 2
Word for Wednesday: Dictionary
Fifty Idioms to Describe People: Part 1
Word for Wednesday: Election
Commonly Confused Words: Biweekly vs. Fortnightly vs. Semi-weekly
Word for Wednesday: Hollywood
Commonly Confused Words: Biannual vs. Biennial
25 Idioms about Water
What is in a name?: Part 2
25 Idioms about Fire
More Often-Mispronounced Words
Commonly Confused Words: Discreet vs. Discrete
Commonly Confused Words: Click vs. Clique
20 Idioms and Expressions about Laughter
Number Idioms for National Pi Day
Grammar Tips for Grammar Day
Commonly Confused Words: Perspective vs. Prospective
Commonly Confused Words: Precede vs. Proceed
Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Long Vowel Sounds
National Pie Day: Expressions about Pie in the English Language
National Clean Off Your Desk Day: Top Tips for Creating a Productive Workspace
Five Challenges for 2019
2018 Blog Round Up
10 Words you only hear at Christmas: Part 2
10 Words you only hear at Christmas: Part 1
Idioms and Expressions about Circles
Idioms about Squares
Spellzone's Guide to Punctuation
How to Use Brackets
Five Tips for Using Bullet Points
Three Punctuation Marks for the End of a Sentence
20 Ways to Talk About Being Scared
Idioms for Autumn
Three Tips for Using Colons
30 Commonly Confused Words
Twenty Five Idioms about Sleep
Commonly Confused Words: Infer vs. Imply
Expressions in English: Part 2
Expressions in English: Part 1
Six Tips for Lesson Plan Success with Spellzone
Fifteen German Loanwords
Four Famous People with Dyslexia
Commonly Confused Words: Capital vs. Capitol
Commonly Confused Words: Hoard vs. Horde
Five Writing Prompts
Are you from Mars? and Other Idioms About Space
Five Ideas to Keep You Writing Over the Summer Holidays
Five Tips for Using Commas
American English vs British English: Six Key Spelling Differences
Twenty Idioms for the Start of Summer
Commonly Confused Words: Father vs. Farther vs. Further
How to use Idioms to Express Yourself More Interestingly
Twenty Idioms about Insects
Five Tips for Exam Day Success
Commonly Confused Words: By vs. Bye vs. Buy
Idioms about Royalty for a Royal Wedding
Commonly Confused Words: Hair vs. Hare
Commonly Confused Words: Heir vs. Air
Spellzone and Shakespeare
Active Voice vs. Passive Voice
Idioms about Emotion
Confusing Words for the Easter break: Faun vs. Fawn
Commonly Confused Words: Yolk vs. Yoke
Top Tips for Planning Your Writing
Commonly Confused Words: Balmy vs. Barmy
Idioms about Birds: Part 2
Idioms about Birds: Part 1
Three Tips to Help You Expand Your Vocabulary
Shakespeare in Love
Five Tips to Help You Improve Your Writing
Three Popular Idioms and their Origin Stories
Commonly Confused Words: Moot vs. Mute
More Janus Words
Make the Most of Spellzone in 2018
2017 Blog Round Up
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
Who are these Christmas Characters?
Deck the Halls: Bow vs. Bough
Commonly Confused Words: Alternate vs. Alternative
Winter Idioms
Ten Redundant Expressions You Should Stop Using
How to Improve Your Writing by Avoiding Redundant Expressions
Commonly Confused Words: Everyday vs. Every Day
Happy Halloween! Twenty Idioms about Death
Commonly Confused Words: Conscience vs. Conscious
Commonly Confused Words: Bated vs. Baited
Words with Sneaky Past Tense Forms
Other Ways of Using Hyphens
Hyphens in Compound Words
Apostrophe Errors
Spelling Using the Senses
Commonly Confused Words: Elicit vs. Illicit
Grammar and Punctuation Tips
Words People Often Say Wrong
Twenty Idioms about Friendship
Commonly Confused Words: Flair vs. Flare
Guide to Spellzone Word Lists
Idioms about Cats
Avani Shah, Spellzone writer - audio book - BAME Short Story Prize 2017
Commonly Confused Words: Hear vs. Here
Commonly Confused Words: e.g. vs. i.e.
Commas and Clauses
25 Idioms about Dancing
Spellzone Writer Shortlisted for Prestigious Prize
Commonly Confused Words: Flaunt vs. Flout
Confused Words: Poll vs. Pole
Idioms about Science and Technology
Commonly Confused Words: Who vs. Whom
Commonly Confused Words: Wait vs. Weight
Subjects and Objects
Tips for Formatting Speech
Three Eggy Idioms for Easter
Use Commas in Direct Speech
Commonly Confused Words: Son vs. Sun
Commonly Confused Words: Curb vs. Kerb
Words and Idioms about Mothers and Parenting
Commonly Confused Words: Complacent vs. Complaisant
Tips for Handling Homophones
Word Classes: Part 2
Word Classes: Part 1
Thirty Idioms about Love
Four Ways to Spell the Long U Sound
How to Use Commas as Part of a List
Commonly Confused Words: A Quick Reference Guide: Part 2
Janus Words
17 Spelling and Grammar Goals for 2017
2016 Spellzone Blog Round Up
Tis the Season for Christmassy Idioms
Commonly Confused Words: Dear vs. Deer
Six Ways to Spell the Long I Sound
Commonly Confused Words: Rain vs. Reign vs. Rein
Commonly Confused Words: All together vs. Altogether
Six Ways to Spell the Long A Sound
Idioms and Expressions about the Theatre
Six Ways to Spell the Long O Sound
Commonly Confused Words: Council vs. Counsel
Spooky Spelling
30 Idioms about Books and Reading
Commonly Confused Words: Heal vs. Heel
The Seven Ways of Spelling the Long E Sound
Commonly Confused Words: Draw vs Drawer
The History of Denim and Other Cloth from Around the World
English Idioms: The Bake Off Edition
Commonly Confused Words: Tail vs Tale
Commonly Confused Words: Defuse vs. Diffuse
Idioms about Transport and Travel: Part 2
Commonly Confused Words: Adverse vs. Averse
50 Idioms about Transport and Travel: Part 1
Commonly Confused Words: Cue vs. Queue
Top Tips for Forming Abbreviations
Top Tips from the Archive
Commonly Confused Words: Coarse vs. Course
Idioms about the Sea
Words from Around the World
Thirty Idioms About Talking
Articles on Interesting Origins
Commonly Confused Words: Broach vs. Brooch
Capital Letters
Commonly Confused Words: Ascent vs. Assent
Twenty Five Idioms and Expressions about Chance, Luck, and Opportunity
Commonly Confused Words: Cereal vs. Serial
Five Tips for Adding Suffixes
Commonly Confused Words: Dual vs. Duel
Commonly Confused Words: Commonly Confused Words: Borne Vs. Born
Twenty Five Idioms about Keeping and Spilling Secrets
Commonly Confused Words: Who's vs. Whose
Commonly Confused Words: Pore vs. Pour
What is the correct plural of 'octopus'?
Commonly Confused Words: Affect Vs. Effect
Useful Idioms for the World of Business: Part 2
Useful Idioms for the World of Business: Part 1
Word for Wednesday: Health
I before E except after C: The Most Famous English Spelling Rule and its Exceptions
Word for Wednesday: Sugar
Word for Wednesday: Mumuration
Word for Wednesday: Deal
Confused Words: Aisle vs. Isle
Word for Wednesday: Button
Five Tips for Spelling Words with Silent Letters
New Spelling Ability Test
Improve Your Spelling in 2016
Word for Wednesday: Renew
2015 Spellzone Blog Round Up
Word for Wednesday: December
Christmas with Spellzone
Word for Wednesday: Reindeer
Commonly Confused Words: -ice Nouns vs. -ise Verbs
Word for Wednesday: Karaoke and Karate
Commonly Confused Words: Borrow vs. Lend
Word for Wednesday: Awkward
What are you afraid of?
Word for Wednesday: Bandwagon
Confusing Contractions
Word for Wednesday: Emoji
Coffee Stories
Twenty Idioms about the House and Home
Word for Wednesday: Bonfire
Scary Characters Who Have Entered the English Language
Word for Wednesday: Hoover
Have you booked a free Spellzone demo for your school?
Word for Wednesday: Hazard
Commonly Confused Words: Can vs. May
Word for Wednesday: Chocolate
Commonly Confused Words: May Vs. Might
500 and counting
Dyslexia Awareness Week
New Key Stage 3 Spelling Lists
Spellzone Starter Course
Thirty Back-to-School Idioms
Five Tips for Learning Spelling
Word for Wednesday: Abditory
Thirty Musical Idioms
Word for Wednesday: Pterodactyl
Commonly Confused Words: Ensure vs. Insure
Word for Wednesday: Ragamuffin
Nine 'Words' to Avoid
Word for Wednesday: Librocubicularist
Ten Word Lists to Try
Word for Wednesday: Budget
Rainbow Etymology
Word for Wednesday: Logophile
Commonly Confused Words: A Quick Reference Guide
Word for Wednesday: Petrichor
Eight Tips For Creating Mnemonics
Word for Wednesday: Eunoia
Commonly Confused Words: Quiet vs. Quite
Word for Wednesday: Giraffe
How To Use A Semicolon
Word for Wednesday: Hippopotamus
Commonly Confused Words: Prescribe vs. Proscribe
Word for Wednesday: Is it practise or practice?
Idioms about the Five Senses
Word for Wednesday: Z words
Three Tests to Make Sure Your Spelling is in Top Shape for Exam Time
Exam Tips
Word for Wednesday: Lexicon
Using Spellzone Word Lists as Part of Your Exam Preparation
Word for Wednesday: Widdershins
In search of the longest word!
Three Misremembered Quotes from Macbeth
Word for Wednesday: Earth
Thank You!
Word for Wednesday: Manifesto
Twenty English Words from Greek Mythology: Part 2
Word for Wednesday: Pareidolia
Twenty English Words from Greek Mythology: Part 1
Word for Wednesday: Myriad
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Word for Wednesday: Eclipse
Twenty Idioms about Nature
Word for Wednesday: Relax
10 Words from Ireland
Word for Wednesday: Fracas
Two Mistakes That Are Not Necessarily Mistakes
Word for Wednesday: Porridge
Take a bath for The Seashell Trust!
Commonly Confused Words: Stationary vs. Stationery
Word for Wednesday: Vis-a-vis
Top Five Spelling Tips and Tricks Posts
Word for Wednesday: Utopia and Dystopia
Pancake Day!
Word for Wednesday: Love
Twenty Five Idioms about the Heart
Word for Wednesday: Skullduggery
Commonly Confused Words: A vs. An
Word for Wednesday: Comeuppance
Whisky and Haggis
Word for Wednesday: Freeze
Commonly Confused Words: Lie vs. Lay
Word for Wednesday: Milk
Twenty Idioms for New Beginnings
Word for Wednesday: Blues
Five Spelling Resolutions for 2015
Word for Wednesday: Fizz
2014 Spellzone Blog Round Up
Word for Wednesday: Pudding
Three Popular Christmas Characters
Spellzone blog shortlisted for the UK Blog Awards!
Word for Wednesday: Abstract
Sixty Clothing Idioms: Part 2
Word for Wednesday: AI
Sixty Clothing Idioms: Part 1
Word for Wednesday: Hobbit
Oops! Spelling mistakes can be expensive.
Commonly Confused Words: Cite vs. Site vs. Sight
Word for Wednesday: Gum
Sixty American English Words and their British English Counterparts
Hello Montserrat!
Word for Wednesday: Comet
Thirty Colourful Idioms
Word for Wednesday: Blog
Commonly Confused Words: Passed vs. Past
Dyslexia Awareness Week
We Love Halloween!
Frightful Words for Wednesday
About time!
Word for Wednesday: Misnomer
400 followers and counting...
Word for Wednesday: Enquiry or Inquiry?
Thirty Five Idioms about Money
Word for Wednesday: Embarrassment
Vent Your Spleen and 49 Other Idioms about the Human Body - Part 2
Word for Wednesday: Ataraxia
Skeleton in the Closet and 49 Other Idioms about the Human Body: Part 1
Word for Wednesday: Kairos
20 Words from Scotland
Word for Wednesday: Referendum
From Fantabulous to Frenemy to Frappuccino: Fifty Portmanteau Words
Spellzone is wicked!
Five Weird Wordy Facts
Word for Wednesday: Ocean
20 English Words of Indian Origin: Part 2
Word for Wednesday: Bed
20 English Words of Indian Origin: Part 1
Three Commonly Confused In- Words: Infamous, Invaluable, and Inflammable
Word for Wednesday: Three X's
Five expression you may be saying or writing incorrectly
Commonly Confused Words: Weather vs. Whether vs. Wether
Thirty Idioms about Food
Word for Wednesday: Hammock
Commonly Confused Words: Then vs. Than
Word for Wednesday: Nelipot
10 Common Mistakes
Word for Wednesday: Gongoozler and others
Commonly Confused Words: Are vs. Our vs. Hour
Word for Wednesday: Cycle
Thirty Sports Idioms to Help You Through the Summer
Word for Wednesday: Golf
The Dirty Thirty: Part 2
Word for Wednesday: Origami
The Dirty Thirty: Part 1
Word for Wednesday: Cup
Ten Tips for Forming Plurals
Word for Wednesday: Selfie
Greek Word Roots
Latin Word Roots
Word for Wednesday: Tea
Word for Wednesday: Bee
Ten Tips for Using Apostrophes
Word for Wednesday: Sky
Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda: Using Apostrophes to Indicate Missing Letters
Word for Wednesday: Biscuit
50 Atmosphere and Weather Idioms and What They Mean: Part 2
Important update for all Spellzone users
Word for Wednesday: Stock
50 Atmosphere and Weather Idioms and What They Mean: Part 1
Word for Wednesday: Bard
Commonly Confused Words: Device vs. Devise
Word of Wednesday: Easter
Commonly Confused Words: Bear vs. Bare
Word for Wednesday: Scrabble
Commonly Confused Words: Uninterested vs. Disinterested
Word for Wednesday: Fool
20 Often-Mispronounced Words
Word for Wednesday: Transfigure
Fifty Animal Idioms
Word for Wednesday: Nostalgia
Commonly Confused Words: Less vs. Fewer
Word for Wednesday: Serendipity
Snap... Crackle... Pop!
Word for Wednesday: Grammar
Five Japanese Loanwords
Word for Wednesday: Nincompoop
Commonly Confused Words: Allowed vs. Aloud
Word for Wednesday: The falsely true tale of Oxymora
Commonly Confused Words: Desert vs. Dessert
You are the Apple of My Eye
Word for Wednesday: Mustard
Word for Wednesday: Braving the elements
Commonly Confused Words: To vs. Too vs. Two
Word for Wednesday: Ubiquitous
Commonly Confused Words: Break vs. Brake
Word for Wednesday: Write
Commonly Confused Words: Bought vs. Brought
Word for Wednesday: Deadline
Commonly Confused Words: Lose vs. Loose
Once upon a time
Commonly Confused Words: Accept vs. Except
Word for Wednesday: Resolution
December Round-up!
Advent Anagram Answers!
Five word games to get you through the Christmas season
What the Dickens?
Grottos, caverns, and killing curses
Word for Wednesday: Advent
10 Mnemonics to Help with Spelling Tricky Words
November Round-up!
Word for Wednesday: Brobdingnagian
What is in a name?
Word for Wednesday: Luck
Days of the Week
Word for Wednesday: Armistice
Word for Wednesday: Saxophone
Latin expressions used in English - Part 2
Happy Halloween: Three everyday idioms and their terrifying origins
Word for Wednesday: Halloween
Word for Wednesday: Umbrella
Latin expressions used in English - Part 1
Word for Wednesday: Dyslexia
How to use Spellzone as part of your homeschooling routine
Word for Wednesday: Keeper
How to use Spellzone as a second-language English speaker
Word for Wednesday: Beer
How to use Spellzone in the workplace
Word for Wednesday: Dream
Back to school: How to use Spellzone in the classroom
Word for Wednesday: Smithereens
Nonsense words from British children's literature
A language fit for a giant
Word for Wednesday: Coin
Word for Wednesday: All Things Spice
A fresh new look
Word for Wednesday: Chess
Meet Mrs Malaprop
Word for Wednesday: Loo
Word for Wednesday: Wizard
Four made-up words from Harry Potter
A Word for Wednesday: Heir
American Idioms
A Word for Wednesday: Snooze
Borrowing from the Americas
A Word for Wednesday: Imply or Infer?
Four American words and their British translations
An Independent American Language
A Word for Wednesday: Spell
Prince Charles
A Word for Wednesday: Refugee
Tommy Hilfiger
Mnemonics Competition Winner!
A Word for Wednesday: Diary
Steven Spielberg
Dame Anita Roddick
A Word for Wednesday: Cookie
Sally Gardner and Standish Treadwell
A Word for Wednesday: Seasons
A Word for Wednesday: Diversity
Was Leonardo da Vinci dyslexic?
Apostrophe catastrophe
Ways to Tackle Tricky Spellings: A Recap
Fancy a Coffee?
Five tips for teaching spelling
Win a subscription to Spellzone
Five reasons why it is worth learning to spell
Word for Wednesday: Art
Five reasons why English spelling is so difficult
A Word for Wednesday: Mac
A Word for Wednesday: Thatcher
When is a lake not a lake?
What came first?
A Word for Wednesday: Hoi polloi
Keep it simple...
R.I.P Chinua Achebe
A Word for Wednesday: Budget
SoundSpel: Does English spelling need rethink?
A man of new words...
What is the gossip?
effect or affect... confused? You are not alone!
A Word for Wednesday: Jazz
'Neither here nor their...'
International Mother Language Day
Spellzone and the Year 7 Catch-Up Premium for UK schools - it makes good maths!
Voice by Choice
Spellzone are happy to be at BETT once again!
Free trial of Spellzone for schools and colleges
Sentences for word lists
A whole-school spelling policy - suggestions
Spelling mistakes cost millions in lost online sales
Nonce upon a time…
25 Norse words used in Yorkshire English
11 Tips for learning spelling
Help Spellzone and make life easier for yourself
American spellings or British spellings - are they now interchangeable?
Michael Gove and The Importance of Teaching
How much is spoken English changing?
Special Needs London 2010
NEW website design
Are dying languages worth saving?
Broadband connections take centre stage in Australian elections
The Gender Gap
Spellzone gets blogging

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