Word for Wednesday: September 

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For some reason, even though it’s been many years since I finished school, I still associate September with fresh starts. There’s something about the evenings falling slightly earlier each day and the tiniest chill to the summer air that makes me want to knuckle down and achieve my goals before the end of the year. 

Those of you who speak French, may have noticed that ‘sept’ is the French word for ‘seven’ – a little strange perhaps given that September is the ninth month of the year. This is because until around 700 BC, when the second King of Rome Numa Pompilius added January and February, the Roman calendar was made up of ten ‘official’ months followed by a period of winter which had no assigned name.  

Septem’, ‘octo’, ‘novem’, and ‘decem’ are Latin for ‘seven’, ‘eight’, ‘nine’, and ‘ten’ and so SeptemberOctoberNovember, and December are each named for their position in the ten-month calendar. You can learn more about where each month got its name from here

What are your favourite Autumn activities? 

04 Sep 2019
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"I love your course..... you explain so much that I didn't know, forgot, or wasn't taught."

Adult student, USA