Letters and Sounds

This guide is based upon extracts from 'Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics: Primary National Strategy' first published by the Department for Education in September 2008 and should be used in conjunction with the full document.

Where appropriate we have mapped Spellzone against each Phase to assist in the delivery of Letters and Sounds. The guide provides links to Spellzone course units, pre‐loaded word lists and printable resources, many of which have been developed specifically.

The pre‐loaded word lists, like any other Spellzone word lists (including those created by you), can be practised by your students using our Look, Say, Cover, Write,Check and Listen and Spell activities, six fun games and as worksheets (for off‐line sessions). For those whose first language is not English, they can be translated into 92 languages.

Spellzone units and word lists can be set as a classroom or homework task for a whole class or for individual students. For reporting and evaluation purposes, all progress and results are tracked regardless of where the work was done, in school, at home or on mobile devices.

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