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The l sound after v

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swallow neigh wide Tuesday observe today quandary lamps squalor was quarry bottom bend presentation rust mist crystal physician melt Romance stray zodiac paid orange while newspaper wallet swat quantity wink young off photographer channel fail main veil pray lamp double weigh pretty wise bumps pile raft Entrance Saturday desire insect cute Guidance tail sand bride quite Thursday desk fist conclusion affect Auditorium Monday position information Sunday stain meanwhile squash upset ray yelp clinician squalid columnist Chance kilt limp creature field cotton want isle banks echo ripe neighbor increase newsreader operate calypso offer Enhancement golf links cygnet dollar require Victorious helps swan link say politician which hymn pay pink strain dictionary list hunt slay plastic admire freight enjoyment tent jump vein clay interview interviewer office fungus tactic left dust camp qualify hide lay whisper design day describe yesterday dive sulk chocolate victim pond Glance way station tomorrow mend rise wad melts

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