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The l sound after r

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achieving ray cautious whisky cat worth appear drought doughnut whisk worthless head portray betray root dislike migrate decibel vexatious dictionary neighbor repeat calculate fractious rabbit plough deflation inhale cough disagree dead grate/great January world reason designation convey gracious panic Wednesday behave scene/seen deduct transfer nickel Defense differ delightful address mood mail/male Moon maintain nutritious wheel accompanied tap whale ordeal accompany diarrhea obey whiskers offer threat saddle beneath word meat/meet brought defy tough weight infectious debate whom defeat meant pilfer sweat worm reins Sunday exhale worse fuel reveal superstitious swoop translate ball/bawl display active contain parcel away explain estimate pay season according prefer deliberate diplomatic thought clay disappoint neigh bagel Monday accommodate sad why disobey rough wealthy while dough which white Diesel hoop vibrate disappear remain detail come lay diamond knight/night deduction once prey/pray actor fictitious camel pad hesitate dazzle essay diction disembark vein entail pray spoon stool complain refer stay

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