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Starter Course: Unit 3: Section 2

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Game: Egg Hunt
Wordlist: Animals, Birds

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ballot wheel decide continue fun topic vet plane distress rub advisor weigh butcher insist coronation circle sail foreshadowing ketchup night dove thrush hopeful meditation reign snail gap fitness disbelief chat breathless penguin complete kid dentist precious throb thing adoration frantic dips intonation kitchen choose differentiation fifth whistle deck twigs pack plentiful Day veil thin wharf mugs though unoccupied fulfilment unnatural stretch cloth puppy visit neck dock whisper cat back unpredictable allegory log jet drops blue calf whirl fatherly van bus bathe vivacious across bugs laptop duck concerned charm conscious throat plums hatchet cellar dug rabbit lunch cups grips admiration cactus fail church panic contact bollard preparation tins cynical rug denim cub whip jog chop cyclical lamb partridge neighbour claps invent

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