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Spelling Course

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Starter Course

Teaches all the basic phonic spelling rules using multi-sensory activities and tests. At the end of this course students will understand the basics of English spelling.

Main Course

Teaches all English spelling rules in 36 units covering basic, intermediate and advanced level.

Basic level

Intermediate level

Advanced level

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Spellzone is used by students aged seven to adult to improve their spelling, including those learning English as a foreign language and those with dyslexia.

Three steps to spelling success...

1. The Spelling Ability Test
Take the test to get a baseline score
and a personal course pathway.
2. Spelling Course
Work through your personal course
pathway based on phonic progression.
3. Word Lists
1,000s of targeted lists or your own to
use with fun activities and worksheets.

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"I notice the difference when they have been using Spellzone – it really fits the bill for older students."

Mossbourne Community Academy

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