Unit 22H -
Homophones for Unit 22, Silent Letters

Spelling homophones...
...the words the computer spellchecker will not spot

This unit tests you on homophones for words with silent letters.

If you would like to review the homophones before the test, go back to Unit 22 page 15.

Test 1.
Which of the bold words is correct?
Homophones - silent letters

Choose the correct word

Type the word here

How many plates do we need/knead?
I find righting/writing quite hard.
Tom nose/knows all the quiz answers.
A huge dam/damn holds the water back.
Leave a long stalk/stork on the rose.
The film lasts over three hours/ours.
We'll wrest/rest after five miles walk.
His heir/air will inherit his royal title
I new/knew we'd miss the plane.
The night/knight fought on horseback
Come inside if it reins/rains.
The church bells are ringing/wringing.


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Unit 22H Homophones: Words with silent letters

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