What is Spellzone?

Spellzone is an online English spelling resource used by students aged seven to adult worldwide. It unlocks the mystery of English spelling and is adaptable for all abilities including those learners who are dyslexic.

Spellzone is fully accessible with many options for font, text and background colour, and text size. There is also a text to speech facility.

Spelling Ability Test

  • Measures your spelling ability.
  • Provides a baseline 'Spellzone Score'.
  • Creates a personal 'Course Pathway'.
  • Automatically retests and updates the score and pathway.

Starter Course go

  • Suitable for students aged seven to adult:
    • Primary pupils.
    • Older students who are still struggling with basic spelling concepts.
    • People learning English as a second language.
  • Entry level resource in eight units.
  • Teaches basic phonic spelling rules using multi-sensory activities and tests.
  • Pre-loaded word lists including the top 100 high-frequency words.

Main Coursego

  • Suitable for students aged nine to adult.
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels in 36 units.
  • A complete teaching course of 450 pages.
  • Teaches all English spelling rules and includes:
    • ‘Rule breakers’.
    • Basic concepts such as vowels, consonants, syllables, prefixes and suffixes.
    • Teaching text includes definitions, sentence context and learning tips.

Word Listsgo

There are 1,000s of word lists available on Spellzone.

  • Spellzone course word lists - extensive word lists for each section of the course at different levels of difficulty: basic and more advanced.
  • Vocabulary word lists - many vocabulary lists, for example: food, business, art, engineering.
  • User created word lists - upload your own word lists on any subject and use them in our spelling games and spelling tests.

All word lists, including those created by you can be:

Pre-loaded curriculum word lists

If you would like your own curriculum words lists adding, please contact us.

A comprehensive dictionary including sound

Most words can be checked for meaning in our online dictionary and you can hear the word read aloud.

Interactive course tests

All the teaching points and course word lists are followed by interactive spelling tests to check understanding and learning. You see your results instantly; if you have made a mistake you can also see where you went wrong. A red, yellow, green 'traffic lights' code keeps you on track by repeating that part of the course, or allowing you to move on.

Records are kept of all your progress

A full record is kept on our secure database of all scores from the Spelling Ability Test, 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check', games and course tests.

Students can see only their own scores. Teachers and tutors may view and evaluate all student activity, level of engagement and results. Reports can be download at any time.

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