Spellzone is an ideal spelling resource for you and your school!

Do you need to:

Evaluate your students' spelling ability and provide individual learning pathways?
The Spelling Ability Test provides a baseline 'Spellzone Score' and creates a personal 'Course Pathway' for each student.

Keep your students on track with little intervention?
All work is checked instantly and the scores and 'Course Pathways' updated according to progress made. Spellzone is suitable for supervision by teaching assistants as all teaching points are presented clearly, in a logical progression.

Provide comprehensive teaching in all English spelling rules?
The Spellzone Starter Course and Main Course teach spelling from CVC words through to spelling rules, homophones and silent letters.

Access ready-made resources to save you time?
1,000s of FREE Spellzone course, user-created and curriculum word lists, including Letters and Sounds. ALL word lists can be used in interactive spelling tests, activities and games, printed as worksheets and be translated into 92 languages.

Demonstrate results and provide reports on students progress?
All student activity, level of engagement and results can be monitored and evaluated. Reports can be download at any time.

Help parents who are keen to support their child's school work?
Your students can improve their spelling by working in school and at home with this fun resource.

Plan and set classroom and home work tasks in advance?
ALL Spellzone units and word lists can be set as tasks, with minimal time input needed.

Share a spelling resource across year groups and departments?
Your staff can create their own word lists for their own subject, project or exam preparation. Spellzone is non-patronising, and is adaptable for all abilities including those who are dyslexic.

Who uses Spellzone?

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