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St. Barnabas MAT Our MAT Spelling Bee has made a huge difference to spelling in our school. The children have a sense of excitement and it has renewed their interest in spelling games on Spellzone!

Results show that our pupils have gained enormously from using Spellzone, with the average pupil gaining a 6-month to 18-month improvement in their skillset.

“Wow! This website is really incredible. I know there are many websites designed to help people learn the English language, but Spellzone is the best I have come across.”

Critical Analysis – a research paper on a multi-sensory approach to supporting spelling for students with Dyslexia.

"71% of our Year 7 students who use Spellzone increased their spelling age from 1 to 24+ months."

John Lewis Partnership "We are noticing a far more positive attitude towards spelling among our students – many are transferring the skills learned to their own written work." read more...

John Lewis Partnership "Spellzone has been a valuable addition to our literacy, SEND and intervention programmes." read more...

John Lewis Partnership "For pupils in Years 5 and 6 spelling is especially crucial, due to the big part it plays in Key Stage 2 SATs." read more...

John Lewis Partnership "I think Spellzone has the potential to significantly help us achieve our literacy-related Raising Attainment for All objectives" read more...

"Spellzone really is an incredibly simple, engaging and cost effective resource for schools to use and administer, and it makes a big difference to literacy levels."

"It is saving huge amounts of time as well as directly supporting learning."

"I notice the difference when they have been using Spellzone - it really fits the bill for older students."

"Spellzone is incredibly easy to access and caters for a wide range of abilities, which means you can use it throughout the school at a range of levels, making it fantastic value for money as a learning resource."

John Lewis Partnership "This is a brilliant interactive online resource which helps improve individual's English spelling." read more...

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Some comments from Spellzone users:

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"Thank goodness for Spellzone during this remote learning phase. The site is easy for students to navigate independently and they're really enjoying the activities and spelling games. You get an awful lot for your money with Spellzone. Really reassuring is the very prompt response with helpdesk queries. I've very rarely needed the helpdesk, but when I have, the issue has been addressed and sorted within a very short time."
Sarah Taggart, Oasis Academy Lord's Hill

Spellzone is absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately I have no need of it at present but would be delighted to re-subscribe if my circumstances change.

Well done for such a comprehensive and entertaining product. My last student loved the games and benefited greatly from them.
Mal Purdie, Teacher UK

I would like to thank you and congratulate you on Spellzone. My school's pupils are loving it, and finding it very motivational, particularly during this current lockdown.

We are getting lots of positive feedback about it from the pupils. I trialled it first with my own Year 6 English class and then used them to do a Teams meeting with all of the other Year 6 classes about Spellzone, where they talked about how much fun it was and demonstrated some of the features. By the end of the session, all of the other classes were begging for their own log in details!
Anna Monro, Ferndown Middle School

We find Spellzone to be an extremely useful resource. Its multi-sensory nature, together with the regular reinforcement of spelling patterns, make it ideal to use both with dyslexic students and those students who need extra support with spelling. We particularly appreciate the facility to personalize the programme by creating the students' own word lists. The regular Spelling Ability Tests give feedback to both tutor and student. Spellzone is now an important part of the resources we use to support our students.
Liverpool Tutoring and Dyslexia Centre

Spellzone attracted my attention when I was looking for a differentiated online spelling program. The spelling ability tests quickly placed students into a course designed to improve their phonetic knowledge.
Andrew Bawden Overnewton Anglican Community College, Australia

Thank you for delivering a wonderful, simple list of pronunciations! I teach ESL, and these words can almost send me screaming out of the classroom. Your illustrations are priceless. Thank you again.
Teacher ESL, USA

Spellzone is an effective piece of software which is good to use with LLDD students requiring overlay colours and a variety of font sizes. The Spellzone package responds well in creating individual pathways for students. Our experience shows that students respond well to combination of voice and sight words.
Tutor, Heart of Worcestershire College, UK

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I found the Spellzone website and resources most helpful in my last year of teaching.
Retiring teacher, UK

The 'course pathway' will be useful when personalising the learning for individual students and prioritising their individual areas for development.
Teacher, Primary School, UK

I have just subscribed and look forward to continuing to use Spellzone. I have been really impressed with the program during the trial period and the students gave very positive feedback. Many thanks.
Teacher, International School, Geneva

Thanks for sending me the preview for the Letters and Sounds guide it looks really good & will save us hours of preparation!
Assistant SENCo, Learning Support, UK

Spellzone really is an incredibly simple, engaging and cost effective resource for schools to use and administer, and it makes a big difference to literacy levels.
Director of Inclusion, High School, UK

Access students responded that they liked the fact that the software is accessible at home/work and suits all types of learning styles.
Tutor, Heart of Worcestershire College, UK

Spellzone will be a really valuable additional to our literacy, SEND and intervention programmes so I look forward to getting the students on line as soon as possible.
Teacher, High School, UK

We are a K-12 school and see the potential for this to differentiate spelling across a wide age range. It fits in beautifully with our Scope and Sequence of Phonological Awareness and Spelling. It also aligns perfectly with the four areas of spelling knowledge and uses the Brain, Ears, Eyes approach to learning spelling. Your customer service has been outstanding from the other side of the world!
Thank you!
Teacher, Australia

I've just been back on the site and was stunned how much easier it is to navigate. Well done!
IT Consultant, Primary Academy Trust, UK

We have now purchased Spellzone and we are delighted with it!
Teacher, Primary School, UK

The pupils in Key Stage One really enjoyed the interactive aspects of Spellzone, especially the spelling lists with games. They identified with the gaming approach and so they are determined to achieve high scores whilst relishing the language learning process.
Teacher, Primary School, Ghana

Spellzone is a good tool to use within an adult setting. With students responding to the programme with enthusiasm.
Tutor, Heart of Worcestershire College, UK

Many thanks for the session you presented yesterday. It showed us the great range of resources on Spellzone and the boundless number of ways it can be utilised.
Learning Resource Officer, FE College, UK

I would like to send a big thank you to the gentleman who phoned us this morning. The demo was a great success and very useful. Please send out appreciation to him.
Teacher, High School, UK

This is a fantastic opportunity for our students!  I'm sure Spellzone will be invaluable in helping them to improve their spellings and therefore improve the quality of their writing in all subject areas! We're really looking forward to using this in school and the fact that students can access it at home makes this a flexible programme that can meet the needs of all of our students.
Teacher, High School, UK

Spellzone greatly helps learners to get command of spelling through matching the sound and the characters. It involves some analysis, not just memorizing, and, in my opinion, it is very good. I also liked that you provide access to online dictionaries, use some pictures to suggest the meaning and make the site livelier, and that you present words in context.
EFL Teacher, Minsk, Belarus

Fantastic - the most relevant material/resource ever seen for both dyslexia and teaching spelling rules.
College Lecturer

Very impressed with your teaching scheme ..... lots of nice things about it - good breakdown into phonic patterns and good progression ...... it treats people with spelling problems as adults.
Senior teacher, ICT

I have enjoyed using your program with my pupils ..... they love your site. In fact they wanted to study through break time as well! High praise indeed.
UK teacher

Without a doubt would recommend Spellzone to students and teachers alike.
Tutor, Heart of Worcestershire College, UK

You have such a useful site here. The whole course is so well thought out and organized.
USA teacher

Wow - what a wonderful looking site for use with Basic Skills adult students.
Teacher of adults with learning difficulties

Private Tutors

Spellzone is particularly useful for employers and teaching / lectures in FE / HE. We are lacking resources to support adults with a SpLD so was pleased to find such a useful approach.
Rachel Ingham, Dyslexia (SpLD) Consultant, Understanding and Supporting Learning

I always struggle with English vocabulary, my students have the same problem, too. I helped them with many methods, some of them are good but most of them don't work efficiently, I appreciate your way of learning English especially in vocabulary studying. Thank you so much!
Private Tutor, China

I have found the site very useful as part of my work as a Home Tutor. I will renew my subscription during this week. Keep up the great work.
Private Tutor, UK

It is a valuable program and the students who are using the program are definitely benefiting.
Adult tutor, USA

Spellzone is extremely useful for encouraging students to become independent in their learning and to use as reinforcement of spelling strategies.
Study Skills tutor, UK


Can I just say this website is amazing!!!
Student, UK

Bishopston Comprehensive word cloud

Feedback word cloud made by pupils of Bishopston Comprehensive School

Spellzone is a wonderful website that I use for my homework. I really liked that it is very non - difficult to use and it is one website that I always go to. Also I am just a primary school girl and I well and truly love spelling!
Student, UK

As I start the year I am happy I know about your site. I hope we "meet" again. thank you for teaching me.
Student, Israel

Spellzone meets the requirements for adults as the package is suitable for all age groups without patronising the student.
Student, Heart of Worcestershire College, UK

Hi, as you already know I love this website and I have been using it to do my very (extremely) hard homework. I hope that this website will go on and never stop.
Student, New Zealand

I'm so happy to find this program, it's life changing for me as spelling is my worst nightmare in any language, and more so in the second one, being dyslexic doesn't make it any easier.
Adult student, UK

Thank you for all the words you gave us it really helped a lot with our school work because we needed long u words and your the only good website we could find.
Student, UK

I would like to thank you so much for this great website. I have always been ashamed of my spelling but after a few lessons I am already better. It is filling in all the gaps. Thanks.
Student, France

I love your course..... you explain so much that I didn't know, forgot, or wasn't taught.
Adult student, USA

I think Spellzone is a very good web site. I used to find spelling boring but now I think it is pretty fun!
Student age 11

I think this website is good for spelling tests. We use this for ours and I use it for my spelling homework. I recommend this to children and teachers. Why don't you get it today?
Student, UK

I liked the structure - it is clear and the same pattern is used, so it reduces the learning cycle.
EFL student

For the first time in my life I am excited about improving my spelling. This course looks just great. There seem to be so many interesting ways at looking at the difficulties.
Student age 67

Home schoolers

I just wanted to thank you for listening to my plea for another slower moving game. My kids were delighted to play the new bauble game. it is so refreshing to find a company who really do listen to their clients and aim to meet their needs. My kids think you're brilliant...and their spelling is improving too.
Thank you.
Delma Wilson

Spellzone is the best program I have found online for a systematic approach to learning spelling. I have my kids go on Spellzone for 15 minutes 3-5 x per week and over the past 3 months I have seen their spelling greatly improve as they go through the lessons.
Sara Stobbe, Canada

The independent learning that is possible with Spellzone is a great help for homeschooling mothers with multiple children and toddlers and babies to juggle.
Homeschooler, USA

The site, the idea, its contents and its possibilities are BRILLIANT

Wow!!! That spellzone site is fan-freaking-tastic! Thank you! My kids are too little for it yet in my opinion (still not fluent readers), but definitely in my list of must use in the future!
Homeschooler, USA

I haven't found anything else like it on the WWW
Home Education site owner

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"Thank goodness for Spellzone during this remote learning phase. The site is easy for students to navigate independently and they're really enjoying the activities and spelling games. You get an awful lot for your money with Spellzone. Really reassuring is the very prompt response with helpdesk queries. I've very rarely needed the helpdesk, but when I have, the issue has been addressed and sorted within a very short time."

Sarah Taggart, Oasis Academy Lord's Hill