A fun and easy way to learn and teach English spelling for students aged 7 to adult
Spellzone is an online English spelling course with thousands of pages of teaching, tests, resources and games
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Spellzone engages students...

"The children were able to get into the swing of it quickly and were happy to continue using it"

Fiona Johnson, Shared Head, Achahoish and Kilmartin Primary School 

Spellzone saves time...

"It is saving huge amounts of time as well as directly supporting learning"

Alison Ridyard, Director of Literacy, King’s Leadership Academy 

Spellzone provides evidence...

"It makes viewing and evaluating student activity, engagement levels and results easy"

Terrie Penrose-Smith, Teaching Assistant, Casterton College 

Spellzone makes a difference...

"There’s no doubt that a 400% improvement represents a superb result"

Mary Griffiths, Director of Inclusion, Millthorpe School 

What is Spellzone?

Spellzone is for all students who want to improve their spelling including students learning English as a foreign language and those with dyslexia.
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Creates a personal learning pathway
Work at your own pace
Create custom word lists

Teach spelling

Evaluates students' ability
Creates individual learning pathways
Reports on activity and attainment

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John Lewis Partnership

"They are all learning at the same time, at their own unique pace. Everyone is equal."

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