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Unit 7H Homophones: Spelling the long vowel sounds
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Unit 7H: A 'Beat the spellchecker!' test for Unit 7 words

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Homophones for Unit 7 - the long vowel sounds

Spelling Homophones with long vowel soundSpelling homophones...
... the words the computer spellchecker will not spot.

This section covers the long vowel sound /ō/.

think back to spelling teaching These are the main ways of spelling this sound:

Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound
o-e as in rose.
Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound
oa as in boat.
Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound
ow as in snow.
Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound
oe as in toe.

Also, don't forget the 'rule-breakers':

sew boulder

Which of the bold words is correct?

Type the correct word:

Do you no/know her name?
The North Poll/Pole is in the Arctic.
How much money are you owed/ode?
The best rose/rows of seats are taken.
Did you eat a hole/whole pizza?
His wife was sow/so angry with him.
Our boatmen will roe/row faster.
She has painted her toenails/townails.
Our baby has groan/grown so quickly.
Who knows/nose what the result will be.
A boulder/bolder rolled down the hill.
They rode/rowed the bike slowly.

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