Homophones for Unit 7 - the long vowel sounds

Spelling Homophones with long vowel soundSpelling homophones...
...the words the computer spellchecker will not spot

This section covers the long vowel sound /ō/

think back to spelling teaching These are the main ways of spelling this sound:

Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound
o-e as in rose oa as in boat ow as in snow oe as in toe

Also, don't forget the 'rule-breakers': sew, boulder.

If you would like to review the homophones before the test,
go to Unit 7 page 22

Test 7. Which of the bold words is correct?

Choose the correct word

Type the whole word

Do you no/know her name?
The North Poll/Pole is in the Arctic.
How much money are you owed/ode?
The best rose/rows of seats are taken.
Did you eat a hole/whole pizza?
His wife was sow/so angry with him.
Our boatmen will roe/row faster.
She has painted her toenails/townails.
Our baby has groan/grown so quickly.
Who knows/nose what the result will be.
A boulder/bolder rolled down the hill.
They rode/rowed the bike slowly.


Skip this test and go to the next test:
Homophones for /ō/ words.

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Unit 7H Homophones: Spelling the long vowel sounds
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