Homophones for Unit 7 - the long vowel sounds

Spelling Homophones with long vowel soundSpelling homophones...
...the words the computer spellchecker will not spot

This section covers the long vowel sound /ē/

think back to spelling teaching These are the main ways of spelling this sound:

Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound Spelling Homophones with long vowel sound
ee as in green ea as in beach e-e as in athlete y as in happy

If you would like to review the homophones before the test,
go to Unit 7 page 12

Test 3. Which of the bold words is correct?

Choose the correct word

Type the whole word

There's a very weak/week signal on my phone.
Speak louder or he won't hear/here you.
The kids had baked beans/beens and burgers.
It seams/seems very cold tonight.
My wife is very dear/deer to me.
My feat/feet feel freezing.
I'm very pleased to meat/meet you.
Red hair is in the family's jeans/genes.
Will you read/reed me a bedtime story?
There's a hole in the heal/heel of my sock.
I found a cheap/cheep TV in the sale.
They tried to steal/steel her necklace.


Skip this test and go to the next test:
Homophones for /ē/ words.

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Unit 7H Homophones: Spelling the long vowel sounds
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