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Unit 22: Words with silent letters

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Unit 22: Words with silent letters e.g. wrap, comb, sign, knight

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Words with Silent Letters

homophones - learn to spell similar sounding words Homophones from this unit.

You will have met most of these homophones in other units, but they are repeated here, because:

If you confuse these words the computer spellchecker will not spot your mistake - so it is especially important to learn them.

rain - wet weather

reign - rule as king or queen

reins - to lead a horse
The heavy rain caused some flooding.

Queen Victoria reigned for 64 years.

Hold the reins lightly.

need - require

knead - work dough
I need to get some more sleep.

Knead the dough to make the pizza.

night - after dark

knight - Sir
Where were you last night?

Knights were noblemen serving the King.

I'll - I will, I shall

isle - island

aisle - in church
I'll print this page and learn the words.

The Isle of Skye is in Scotland.

The bride walked down the aisle.

write - with a pen

right -
1) not left
2) correct

rite - ceremony

wright - maker
Write it down so you don't forget.

1) We don't drive on the right in England.
2) How many words did you get right?

Some churches use incense in their rites.

A playwright writes plays.

no - not yes

know - be sure of
You asked me and I said "No.".

Did you know him well?

knows - is sure of

nose - on the face
Nobody knows much about her.

He broke his nose in a fight.

new - not old

knew - past tense of 'know'
Do you like my new coat?

I knew him from school.
Learning tip to help your spelling If you know about knowledge, you'll know about knew.

rap -
1) small knock
2) kind of rock music

wrap - cover all round

1) There was a rap on the door.
2) The rap singer sold a million CDs.

Wrap the gift in gold paper.

dam - to hold back water

damn - curse
A dam will be built across this valley.

To damn someone is to curse them.

rest -
1) remainder
2) relax

wrest - force away

1) Where are the rest of the gang?
2) I'm exhausted, I need a rest.

He wrested the bag from my grasp.

him - male pronoun

hymn - song sung in church
She gave him a big hug.

Everyone joined in the hymn singing.

ring -
1) sound made by a bell
2) circle

wring - twist

1) Did you hear the phone ring?
2) The children stood round in a ring.

Wring out the wet clothes.

not - negative

knot - tie with e.g. string
I do not like garlic.

The knot was too tight to undo.

plum - fruit

plumb - fit pipes
Mum makes great plum pies.

I'm going to plumb in the new bath.

heir - successor

air - atmosphere
The Prince of Wales is heir to the throne.

The scent of roses hung in the air.

stork - large bird

stalk - plant stem
Some storks nest on chimneys.

Wheat grows on stalks.

our - belonging to us

hour - 60 minutes
We'll eat at our house tonight.

I expected you back an hour ago.

yolk- middle of egg

yoke - wooden bar
I like a boiled egg with a soft yolk.

Oxen are controlled by a yoke.

This is the end of the work on silent letters.

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