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Unit 20: The soft c sound: ce ci cy words

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Unit 20: Soft c: ce, ci and cy words

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Spelling ce, ci and cy words - the soft c sound

homophones - learn to spell similar sounding words Homophones from this section:

If you confuse these words the computer spellchecker will not spot your mistake - so it is especially important to learn them.

sent - mailed

cent - 100 = $1

scent - perfume
I sent Dad a birthday card.

It cost 40 cents.

Your scent smells really great.

sell - trade for money

cell -
1. small closed room
2. small part of e.g. body
I'm going to sell my old car.

1. The prisoner was locked in a cell.
2. Plants contain millions of tiny cells.

seller - person who sells

cellar - basement room
There's a flower seller at the station.

The wine will keep cool in the cellar.

sauce - ketchup

source - origin
I like lots of sauce on my burger.

Do you know the source of the rumour?
(U.S. rumor)

council - governing group

counsel - advice
The council won't allow any more houses here.

I was given counselling after the accident.
(US: counseling)

seen - from 'see'

scene -
1. place
2. part of a film or play
Have you seen my car keys?

1. This is the scene of the accident.
2. She appears in the last scene of the film.

symbol - sign

cymbal - brass disc, used as a musical instrument
This symbol means 'add' : +

Bang two cymbals together.
Learning tip to help your spelling A symbol is a sign.

A clash of cymbals

peace - opposite of war

piece - part, section
If the baby is asleep there is peace and quiet.

Don't eat it all, leave me a piece.
Learning tip to help your spelling A piece of pie Help spelling English words with soft sound c

cereal - wheat, corn

serial - told in parts
Most children like cereal for breakfast.

This TV drama is a weekly serial.

ceiling - roof of room

sealing - closing, sticking
We've painted the ceiling white.

This package needs sealing.

place - location

plaice - fish
This place is far too crowded for me.

Plaice is a flat, white sea fish.

sight - something seen

site - place

cite - quote, name
I caught sight of her in the crowd.

This is the site of the new superstore.

He was cited in court.

cygnet - young swan

signet - mark made by seal
Cygnets have brown plumage, not white.

Father has left me his signet ring.

Cyprus - country

cypress - tree
Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

A cypress is a type of fir tree.

These two words do not sound exactly the same but are often confused as the first syllable of each has a weak vowel sound:
accept - agree, take

except - not including
Will you accept my apology?

Everyone is allowed to go except me.

Two more words that do not sound exactly the same but are often confused as the first syllable of each has a weak vowel sound:
access - approach, way in

excess - too much
There is no access to the beach from here.

There was an excess of noise at the party.

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