Spelling ce, ci and cy words - the soft c sound

Words ending in -ce are often spelled differently in Britain and the USA.
This table gives you some examples:

Help spelling British English words with soft sound c British spelling Help spelling American English words with soft sound c American spelling
defence defense
offence offense
pretence pretense
vice (workbench tool) vise
licence(as a noun):
I've lost my driving licence.
license (as a verb) is the same in both countries:
He is licensed to drive large trucks
practise (as a verb):I practise the piano every day. practice
practice (as a noun) is the same in both countries:
Get practice in these words.

The table above shows you the most common US spelling. However, for some of these words, the British spelling is also sometimes used in the USA. Unit 36 tells you a lot more about the differences between British and American spelling.

Pick the list you want to use.
Practise those words by writing each in a sentence.

This is the end of the unit on ce, ci and cy words with
the soft sound of c: /s/ .

Please note:

ci in the middle of a word can sometimes say /sh/ e.g.

musician special gracious

The cian words are in Unit 28.
The cial and cious words are in Unit 30.

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Unit 20: The soft c sound: ce ci cy words

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