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Unit 17: ough and augh words

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Unit 17: ough and augh words

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Spelling ough and augh words

Teaching point - learning to spell Two ough words are thoroughly difficult. Listen to how they sound:

thorough borough

thorough borough

UK In the U.K the ough makes a weak sound, a bit like a short /u/
(learn more about this in Unit 24).

US In the U.S, the ough in these words may rhyme with the sound at the end of burrow.

Read the first word then find which ough word rhymes.

Type the ough word

how: rough, trough, bough
zoo: enough, through, dough
fluff: tough, thorough, though
grow: plough, cough, although
borough: bough, thorough, dough
off: cough, through, enough
stuff: enough, although, borough
go: trough, dough, rough

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