Spelling ough and augh words

Teaching point - learning to spell These two ough words are thoroughly difficult!

thorough borough

thorough borough

In these words, ough makes a weak sound rather like a short /ŭ/ .
(For more on this weak vowel sound, please see Unit 24)

Read these sentences:
1. This room needs a thorough clean.
2. The borough council studied the idea very thoroughly.

think back to spelling teaching Think again about all the different sounds that can be spelled with the letters ough. The pictures on page one will remind you. Then try this exercise:

Read the first word then find which ough word rhymes with it. Type that ough word in the box.

Find the ough word that rhymes

Type the ough word

how: rough, trough, bough
zoo: enough, through, dough
fluff: tough, thorough, though
grow: plough, cough, although
borough: bough, thorough, dough
off: cough, through, enough
stuff: enough, although, borough
go: trough, dough, rough


Skip this exercise and go to the next part of this unit: ought and aught words. *

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Unit 17: ough and augh words

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