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Unit 14: Spelling the sound /or/

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Unit 14: Spelling choices for /or/ sound: or, ore, au, aw and war

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Homophones for the sound /or/: or, ore, au, aw

homophones - learn to spell similar sounding words Homophones from this unit:

If you confuse these words the computer spellchecker may not spot your mistake - so it is especially important to learn them.

Spelling learning activities As you would expect, with so many different ways to spell the /or/ sound, there are many homophones.

To remember them all study the page and use 'Learn the Words' activities below.

wore - put on

war - fighting
I wore my new suit.

Thousands were killed in the war.

worn - put on

warn - raise alarm
I should have worn something warmer.

Road signs warn us of danger.


four - 4
This letter is for you

Ten times four is forty.

stork - large bird

stalk - plant stem
Some storks nest on chimneys.

Wheat grows on stalks.

bore -
1. dull person
2. drill

boar - male or wild pig

1. That teacher is a complete bore.
2. I'll bore a hole in this wall.

Some wild boars have long tusks

bored -
1. fed up
2. drilled

board -
1. flat wood
2. group in charge
3. get on

1. We are bored with his jokes.
2. They bored for oil under the sea.

1. Get out the chess board.
2. The board voted him out.
3. Your flight will board soon.

horse - animal

hoarse - croaky voice
My horse is in the next race.

We cheered until we were hoarse.

horde - crowd

hoard - collect
They were chased by a horde of fans.

The pirate hid his hoard of gold.

fort - castle

fought - made war
The fort was bravely defended.

They fought a long battle.
Learn the Words:
lord - nobleman

laud - praise
Lord Nelson was head of the navy.

The word laud is used in hymns.

tore - ripped

tor - hill
She tore up my last letter.

A hill or rocky peak is a tor.

sore - hurting

saw - seen

soar - fly high
My broken arm is very sore.

I don't know what you saw in her.

The eagle soared up to the clouds

story - tale

storey - building floor
I read my daughter a bedtime story.

My office is on the tenth storey.

These words do not sound exactly the same but they are often confused:
shore - beach

sure - certain
Collect shells on the sea shore.

Are you sure you want to go out?
Learning tip to help your spelling Shells on the shore
Are you sure?
When you want to spell sure, ask yourself 'Are you sure?'

lore - old knowledge

law - rule of the land
The lore is that this herb cures all ills.

Break the law and you are in trouble.

pause - stop

paws - animal feet
Pause for a moment in a busy day.

Basset Hounds have huge paws.
Learn the Words:
sauce - ketchup

source - origin
I like lots of sauce on my burger.

The source of this river is in those hills

maul - bite and tear

mall - shopping centre
Lions maul their prey.

Our local mall will be busy today.

haul - pull

hall - room
Haul on the rope to moor the boat.

The meeting will be in the hall.

taut - stretch tight

taught - past tense of 'teach'
The tent ropes must be taut.

I hope that taught you a lesson.

court -
1. playing area
2. law centre

caught - past tense of 'catch'

1. Squash is played on an indoor court.
2. He was taken to court for stealing.

I caught the last train home.

ball - toy or sport item

bawl - cry loudly
Rugby is played with an oval ball.

Why does the baby keep bawling?

floor - ground

flaw - fault
The floor has just been cleaned.

There is a flaw in your argument.

course -
1. direction
2. lessons
3. part of meal

coarse - rough, unrefined

1. He followed the course of the river.
2. We are taking an English course.
3. They had a five course meal.

Some sugar has coarse grains.
The word cause ends with the z sound, so it sounds different
from course and coarse.
Learn the Words:

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