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Unit 14: Spelling the sound /or/

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Unit 14: Spelling choices for /or/ sound: or, ore, au, aw and war

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Spelling the sound /or/: or, ore, au, aw

Anagrams for war words:

Unscramble the letters to find the word containing war.

Type the whole word:

We'll [rawm] the food in the microwave.
I [rnadwe] you about the danger on that road.
A fairy-tale character: [frawd]
In 1992 there was a [awr] in the Gulf.
There's a big [adwerr] for his capture.
A [lawpnera] has been shot down.
Room in a hospital: [draw]
Keep clothes in it: [ebdrwora].
The gold medal is the highest [radaw].
A large group of bees on the move: [rwmsa] .

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