Homophones for the /ar/, /er/ and /air/ sounds

Homophones for the /ar/, /er/ and /air/ soundsSpelling homophones...
...the words the computer spellchecker will not spot

To review the homophone spellings before the test, click on the links below:

Unit 10 page 10 - words with the sound /ar/

Unit 11 page 8 - words with the sound /er/

Unit 12 page 2 - words with the sound /air/

Test 2.

There is one mistake in each sentence.
Spot the mistake and type the CORRECT word in the box.

Choose the correct word

Type the word here

Apples and pairs are my favourite fruits.
She wears a ribbon in her hare.
My wife gave berth to a boy last night.
Some trees are bear in winter.
He was charged by a heard of cattle.
Those stares are too steep for me.
The boys were told to kerb their language.
We'll have a great time at the fare.
No desert for me, I'm on a diet.
Emma has a flare for acting.
I like a real fur tree at Christmas.
My farther has lost most of his hair.


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