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Unit 33: Spelling the word endings -ant -ent -ance -ence
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Unit 33: Word endings: -ant, -ent, -ance, -ence

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Unit 33 - Spelling the word endings ant, ent, ance, ence

The endings ant, ent, ance and ence are usually an unstressed syllable, meaning the vowel has a schwa sound.

Words ending ant and ent

Help spelling English word endings ant ent ance ence Help spelling English word endings ant ent ance ence
ant as in contestant ent as in ornament

Teaching point It's not easy to choose the right ending as they sound the same. One clear rule may help you:

If the ending is the suffix ment, you know it is ent:

agree + ment = agreement engage + ment = engagement
merry + ment = merriment govern + ment = government

Otherwise, you just have to rely on your memory. Use Learn the Words to learn them.

Learn the Words:

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Lists of some common -ant and -ent words

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