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Unit 33: Spelling the word endings -ant -ent -ance -ence
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Unit 33: Word endings: -ant, -ent, -ance, -ence

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Spelling the endings ant or ent

Choose the ending ant or ent

Type the whole word:

The next-door house has a new occup___.
She's standing for election to Parliam___.
I'm hoping my job will be made perman___.
The winning team were triumph___.
Will it be conveni___ to call tomorrow?
I have an account___ to do my tax forms.
Six tens is the equival___ of twenty threes.
She is more domin___ than her sister.
The defend___ pleaded not guilty.
He was reluct___ to answer my question.
This cloth is extremely absorb___.
I should beat my next oppon___ easily.

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