Spelling the /k/ sound : ch

Choose the best ch word to finish the sentences.

Remember to use the 'Look, Cover. Write, Check' method - look at the word then scroll down - don't copy!

English spelling
echo Christmas stomach orchestra
architects character chemists chaos
Christopher anchor technology scheme
English spelling
English spelling English spelling


Which ch word is missing?

Type the whole word

The ship dropped ________ in the bay.
Another word for a complete mess: ________
________ Columbus was a famous explorer.
Shout across the valley to hear the ________.
Unripe fruit can give you ________ ache.
Another word for plan: ________.
Song: 'I'm Dreaming of a White ________.'
The ________ played softly in the background.
Computer ________ is changing the world.
New drugs are invented by ________.
Buildings are designed by ________.
I like a person with a friendly ________.


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