Rules for Adding Suffixes:
When do you change the letter y ?
When does the y stay the same?

Teaching point - learning to spell The 'Change Y' rule, part 2:

A) If the suffix is ing or ish, do NOT change the y to i.

English spelling
cry + ing = crying copy + ing = copying baby + ish = babyish
English spelling
English spelling English spelling

This is because English words do not have two i's together -
it wouldn't look right:


B) If there is another vowel just before the y, do NOT change the y to i.

English spelling
play + ed = played donkey + s = donkeys employ + employer
English spelling
English spelling English spelling

Again, it wouldn't look right to have so many vowels together:


Now try these.
Sometimes you have to change the y to i but sometimes the y stays.

Add the suffix to the root word

Type the answer

monkey + s
enjoy + ing
worry + ed
joy + ous
glory + ous
dismay + ed
hurry + ed
moody + ness
jockey + s
berry + s
key + s
healthy + er


Skip this exercise and go to the next part of this unit: Some more y to i rule-breakers. *

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Unit 9: Adding suffixes: the spelling rules

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