Unit 27 - Spelling the word endings -able and-ible

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Teaching point - learning to spell The suffixes -able and -ible often mean 'can be '.
For example:

inflatable - can be inflated
flexible - can be bent or flexed

Both these suffixes sound the same. The vowel sound in both is another example of the weak 'schwa' sound, so it does not help you decide between -able and -ible.

There is no simple rule to tell whether the ending should be spelled -able or -ible.

The most common ending is -able so a sensible strategy would be:

1) Learn the -ible words you are most likely to need.

2) Use -able for all the other words.

First we'll look at -able, as it's the most common ending.

Read the clues, find the syllables to spell the words:



Read the Clue

Type the word here

Is easily noticed.
Very likely to be remembered
Can be relied upon.
Restful and relaxing.
Can be obtained.
Can be transferred.


Skip this exercise and go to the next part of this unit: A look at some -ible words. *

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Unit 27: Spelling the endings -able and -ible

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