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Unit 23: Prefixes

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Unit 23: Prefixes: when letters need changing

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Unit 23 - Prefixes

Teaching point - learning to spell Some prefixes have an obvious meaning, for example:

overcook underpass outlaw upright

However, most prefixes come from Greek, Latin or Old English and their meanings are not so clear. For example:

pre inter homo tele dis un

In this activity, you will be trying to work out what the prefix for each group of words means. First, identify the common prefix and then look at the meaning options in the box. Meanings may have to be used more than once. All meanings are included.

English spelling English spelling
above again against badly before
between far off not same under
English spelling English spelling

What does the prefix mean?

Type the meaning

dislike   dishonest   disagree
rebuild   reappear   reread
misprint   misbehave   miscalculate
subway   submarine   submerge
unlucky   unable   unusual
precook   preview   prefix
inhuman   infirm   invisible
telephone   telescope   television
interact   international   interweave
supersonic   superhuman   supernatural
homophone   homonym
antifreeze   antisocial   anticlimax

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Terrie Penrose-Toms, Casterton College