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Unit 11: Spelling the sound /er/

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Unit 11: Spelling choices for /er/ sound: er, ir, ear or er

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Unit 11: Spelling the sound /er/: ur, ir, ear, or er ?

homophones - learn to spell similar sounding words

Homophones from this section:

If you confuse these words the computer spellchecker will not spot your mistake - so it is especially important to learn them.

herd - group of animals

- past tense of 'hear'

There's a herd of buffalo by the lake.

Have you heard the news?

Learning tip to help your spelling I hear with my ears...
...and I heard it with my ears
Help spelling English words with er sound

birth - being born

- bed on a ship

Meg has given birth to twins.

The cabin had two berths.

English spelling Learning tip A berth is a bed Help spelling English words with er sound

earn - get paid for work

a) vase with a lid
b) large vessel with a tap

Jack earns $20 an hour.

His ashes are kept in an urn.
Make coffee for 30 in the urn.

English spelling Learning tip The more you learn the more you earn

dessert - sweet course

- abandon
(also desert, pronounced
ert - large, very dry area)

I'd like ice-cream for dessert.

Why did the soldier desert his post?

English spelling Learning tip Some desserts are sickly sweet Help spelling English words with er sound

Now invent your own 'Learning tips' for the rest:

fir - tree

fur - animal hair

A fir tree is evergreen.

The bear has thick fur.

colonel - senior military officer

kernel - edible part of nut

Salute the colonel.

Crack the shell to get to the kernel.

kerb -
edge of pavement/sidewalk

curb -
a restraint

Stop at the kerb and look for traffic.

That child must learn to curb his temper.

This completes the unit on ur ir ear er

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