Unit 11: Spelling the sound /er/: ur, ir, ear, or er ?

Choose from :
ur as in burger ir as in shirt ear as in earth er as in person

Which letters are missing?

Type the whole word here

A f___n is a type of plant.
Have you h___d his latest CD?
It's Zak's b___thday next week.
Jane is training to be a n___se.
Don't b___st that balloon.
Bob can ___n $40 in tips in one night.
The waiter was too busy to s___ve me.
You could die of th___st in this desert.
L___n to spell better with Spellzone.
Good cooks use lots of h___bs.
I have a wide c___cle of friends.
Mix red and blue to get p___ple.
I'm not late, I'm ___ly.
Armstrong was f___st on the moon.
Sing the first v___se.
I wish my hair was c___ly.


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Unit 11: Spelling the sound /er/

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