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Unit 7, Part 1: Spelling the long vowel sounds

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Unit 7: Short vowels, Part 1: a and e

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Spelling the long vowel sound /ā/: a-e, ai, ei, ay

We have listed all the common words for ay and ei spellings. There are lots of a-e and ai words.
Too many for us to list. Check with a dictionary if you are unsure.

How is the long a sound spelt in these words?

Remember, if it uses the split digraph a-e there will be a letter in between!

Type the whole word:

Wine is made from gr___s.
Put the glasses on the tr___.
Call this number to cl___m your prize.
Half of sixteen is ___ght.
The fl___s of the fire kept us warm.
Str___ cats are often very thin.
The prisoner was tied in ch___ns.
He tried to esc___ from the cell.
Please expl___n why you are late.
Can you transl___this from French?
She hesit___d before crossing the road.
There was a displ___ of books in the window.

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