Spelling ge, gi and gy words - the soft g sound

Choose from ge, dge or age.


  1. You need two consonants to protect a short vowel from the final e.
  2. The / i j/ sound is usually spelled -age.

Work out which letters are missing

Type the whole word:

Turn over to the next pa___.
The crash caused much dam___ to my car.
The ju___ sent him to jail for a year.
The wreck___ of the plane was not found.
Can you chan___ a $50 dollar bill?
How much is the post___ on this card?
This garden he___ grows very fast.
All club members can wear this ba___.
Do they char___ for parking here?
The bank manager was taken host___.
I challen___ you to a game of chess.
The door was stuck and wouldn't bu___.

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Unit 19: The soft g sound: ge gi gy words

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