Spelling the endings et, ot, ate or ite

This section teaches the -ite words. Once you know them, you can then safely use -ate for all the other words.

A. Numbers 1-6:
Read the clues, find the syllables to spell the words:

fav opp
def in
Learn word endings et, ot, ate or ite
os in
fin quis
our  (US: or)
Learn word endings et, ot, ate or ite ite

Read the clue, find the syllables

Type the whole word

Up is the _____ of down.
Absolutely delightful.
Going on for ever.
Most liked (British spelling).
Most liked (American spelling).

Read the words, choose the right one to fit the clue:



Read the clue, find the word

Find the whole word

Very hard rock.
Person who pretends to be righteous.
Made up of several different parts.
Needed or essential.

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Unit 32: Spelling the endings -et -ot -ate -ite

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