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Unit 9: Adding suffixes: the spelling rules

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Unit 9: Suffixes: why we need to double letters, change them or drop 'e'

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The Spelling Rules for Adding Suffixes:

When do you change the letter y ?
When does the y stay the same ?

Teaching point - learning to spell Sometimes you need to change the letter y.

All these words end in y. The y here is used as a vowel:

cry copy crazy beauty silly

When adding a suffix to a word ending y, we usually change the y to i:

word lists word lists
cry + ed = cried copy + er = copier crazy + est = craziest

beauty + ful = beautiful

silly + ness = silliness
word lists word lists

If the suffix is s, we change the y to i and then add es:

word lists word lists
cry + s = cries copy + s = copies party + s = parties
word lists word lists

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