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Unit 9: Adding suffixes: the spelling rules

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Unit 9: Suffixes: why we need to double letters, change them or drop 'e'

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The Spelling Rules for Adding Suffixes:

When to double a letter - and when not to double

Teaching point - learning to spell

If you are adding a vowel suffix to a root word that ends with two vowels and a consonant (VVC), you do not need to double the last consonant.

For example:

word lists word lists
sleep + ing = sleeping tread + ing = treading
word lists word lists

To make life just a little bit easier for you, you never have to double a w!

word lists word lists
showing fewest drawer
word lists word lists

For rules about adding suffixes to longer words, see Unit 34.

Now try these. Remember, sometimes you will need to double the consonant and sometimes you won’t.

Add the suffix to the root word.

Type the whole word:

plain + er
boat + ing
slip + ed
dream + er
creep + y
deaf + en
ship + ment
mix + ing
grab + ed
chill + y
limp + ing
grow + ing

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