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Unit 20H Homophones: ce ci cy words

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Unit 20H: A 'Beat the spellchecker!' test for words from Unit 20

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Unit 20H -
Homophones for Unit 20, ce ci cy words

Spelling homophones Spelling homophones...
...the words the computer spellchecker will not spot

This unit tests you on homophones for ce ci cy words

Which of the bold words is correct?

Choose the correct word

Type the whole word:

Cheese sauce/source tastes good on pasta.
After years of war there was piece/peace.
There will be ten new houses on this sight/site.
The prisoner was thrown in a sell/cell.
Mop up the excess/access liquid.
This sent/scent comes in a pretty bottle.
She has been elected to the counsel/council.
There are cobwebs on the ceiling/sealing.
I like honey on my cereal/serial.
Our seller/cellar was flooded by a burst pipe.
Let's go to your place/plaice for coffee.
A skull picture is a cymbal/symbol of danger.

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