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Unit 21: Spelling the ie and ei words 'i before e except after c'
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Unit 21: The i before e rule – does it work?

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Spelling ie and ei words

Spelling homophones

Homophones from this section.
If you confuse these words the computer spellchecker will not spot your mistake - so it is especially important to learn them.

peace - opposite of war

piece - part, section
If the baby is asleep there is peace and quiet.

Don't eat it all, leave me a piece.
Learning tip to help your spelling A piece of pie Spelling rule, i before e except after c

ceiling - roof of room

sealing - closing, sticking
We've painted the ceiling white.

This package needs sealing.

vale - valley

veil - covering the face
There are many villages in the Vale of York.

The bride wore a long white veil.

shake - move about

sheikh - Arab chief
(also sheik)
The earthquake made the ground shake.

The sheikh rode a beautiful horse.

wait - stay

weight - heaviness
Wait here until I get back.

To win the cake you must guess its weight.

way -
1) road
2) manner

weigh - measure weight

1) Which way shall we go?
2) I don't like the way you said that.

How much do you weigh?

wade - walk through water

weighed - past tense of weigh
We had to wade across the stream

Mum weighed out a kilo of flour.

slay - kill in battle

sleigh - sledge
Did St George slay a dragon?

The sleigh was pulled by reindeer.

ate - past tense of eat

eight - number 8
We ate far too much last night.

I get to work at eight o'clock.

vain -
1) admiring oneself
2) useless

vein - blood vessel

vane - weather-vane

1) Some pop stars are very vain.
2) He waited in vain for her to call.

The veins in my leg are swollen.

There is a weather-vane on top of the church.

rain - wet weather

reign - rule as king or queen

reins - to lead a horse
The heavy rain caused some flooding.

Queen Victoria reigned for 64 years.

Hold the reins lightly.

seize - grab hold

seas - water
The army have seized power.

Don't sail a small boat in heavy seas.

tier - row, layer

tear - cry
The wedding cake was in three tiers.

The bride's mother was in tears.

feint - pretend attack

faint -
1) not clear
2) pass out
The enemy was fooled by the feint.

1) His voice was very faint.
2) She will faint at the sight of blood.

deign - condescend

Dane - from Denmark
Will the boss deign to attend our party?

A Dane is a person from Denmark.

air - atmosphere

heir - successor

The scent of roses hung in the air.

The Prince is heir to the throne.

Learning tip to help your spelling He i r = He is ready to be King. Spelling rule, i before e except after c

This completes the work on ie and ei words.

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