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Unit 13: Spelling the sound /oo/

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Unit 13: Spelling choices for /oo/ sound: oo and ou

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Spelling the sound /oo/: oo ou ui u-e ue ew

homophones - learn to spell similar sounding words Homophones from this section.

If you confuse these words the computer spellchecker will not spot your mistake - so it is especially important to learn them.

Where there are no 'Learning Tips', you may like to invent your own.

blue - the colour (US: color)

blew - past tense of blow
The sea and sky were both deep blue.

The wind blew gently over the beach.
Learning tip to help your spelling Think of w in wind and w in blew.

threw - past tense of throw

through -
from one side to the other
They threw a lifebelt to the drowning man.

He put his arms through the lifebelt.
See Unit 17 for more on the -ough words

wood - trees

would - 'I would like....'
Most chairs and tables are made of wood.

Would you like to go for a pizza tonight?
See Unit 18 for more on the -ould words

shoot - fire a gun

chute - a slide
A soldier learns to shoot.

Put the trash down the chute.

chews - eats

choose - decide which one
She chews gum all the time.

We need to choose a new leader.
Learning tip to help your spelling Eat well and chew well.

crews - people working on ships

cruise - holiday on a ship
All the crews wanted to win the sailing race.

We set off from Florida for a week's cruise.

root - of plants

route - way
Make sure the root has plenty of water.

Which is the best route to the coast?

troop - group of people e.g. soldiers

troupe - group of performers
The Scout troop camped in the woods.

The troupe of dancers all wore blue.

moose - large animal

mousse - creamy dessert
A moose is a large, dark-brown deer.

I love chocolate mousse.

loot - steal, or the goods taken

lute - old musical intrument
After the riot the shops were looted.

A lute has strings that are plucked.

flew - past tense of fly

flu - short for influenza

flue - small chimney
Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic in 1927.

Many people catch flu each winter.

A boiler needs a flue.

to -
1) towards
2) part of a verb

too -
1) much, very
2) as well

two - number 2

1) I'm going back to Spain next year.
2) I'd like to read that book.

1) It's too hot in here for me.
2) Peter would like to come too.

The two of us will go together.
For more on to, too, two, please see Unit 18.

shoe - footwear

shoo - go away
My shoes are always shiny.

Say 'shoo' to get rid of the birds.
Learning tip to help your spelling Remember the e in shoe because shoes go on your feet.

This completes the work on the /oo/ sound.

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