Spelling the sound /oo/: oo, ou, ui, u-e, ue, ew

Rule Breakers - these words break spelling rules 1. Words with the short // sound as in book:

These words use just u to spell the short // sound:
bush The bush was covered in flowers.
push Don't push me about.
pull The sign on the door said 'pull'.
full The room was full of young men.
bull Bull-fighting is banned in some countries.
butcher Buy meat at the butcher's shop.

These 3 words all have the -ould pattern.
would James would like an orange juice.
could I wish I could remember every spelling.
should You should put a coat on before you go out.

Rule Breakers - these words break spelling rules 2. Words with the long / / sound as in boot:

These words use the o-e pattern to spell the long // sound:
move Don't move or I'll shoot!
prove Can you prove you are over 18?
lose Be careful not to lose your ticket.

This word uses just u to spell the long // sound:
truth The prisoner would not tell the truth.
Learning tip to help your spelling Remember that true and truth both have u:
Is it true that Gearge Washington always told the truth?

These words have the spelling pattern -omb:
womb A baby spends nine months in the womb.
tomb There are many tombs in the churchyard.
catacomb A catacomb is an underground cemetery.

These words use just the letter o:
do What can I do to help?
who See who is at the door.
whose Whose pen is this?
whom To whom is the letter addressed?
For more on these tricky words, please see Unit 18

This word uses oe:
shoe There's hole in the sole of my shoe.

This word uses ough:
through Let's walk home through the park
For more on ough words, please see Unit 17

These words have the oo pattern but the sound is different:
door, floor Walk in the door and across the floor.
blood, flood When he cut his leg there was a flood of blood.

See the next page on homophones
for some more rule-breakers: to, too, two

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Unit 13: Spelling the sound /oo/

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