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Unit 3: Spelling the consonant sounds, part 2

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Unit 3: Spelling the consonant sounds, Part 2

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Spelling the /v/ sound: v or ve

the /v/ sound - v or ve the /v/ sound - v or ve
volcano detective
Teaching point The spelling rules for the /v/ sound are quite simple.

1. English words don’t tend to end in v (unless you are shortening words like 'gov' or using slang like 'luv') so if you hear a /v/ sound at the end of a word, spell it ve:

live have above native intensive

2. Most words avoid the double v because it looks very like w:

lover giving ever every average

3. However, there are some exceptions. For example:

revving savvy navvie

But these are rare.

4. If the sound seems like it comes after a u (uv) then you need to spell it with ov instead:

cover above lovely shovel

The words below are all wrong.
Use the information above to correct them.

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