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Unit 6H Homophones: Spelling the short vowel sounds
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Unit 6H: A 'Beat the spellchecker!' test for Unit 6 words

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Homophones for Unit 6 - Short vowel sounds

Spelling homophones, short vowel soundsSpelling homophones...
...the words the computer spellchecker will not spot.

This unit tests you on homophones with the short vowel sounds:

long vowel sounds - learning vowels
long vowel sounds - learning vowels
long vowel sounds - learning vowels
long vowel sounds - learning vowels
long vowel sounds - learning vowels

think back to spelling teaching These are the different ways of spelling the short vowel sounds:

word lists word lists
/ă/ - a
/ĕ/ - e, ea
/ ĭ/ - i, y
/ŏ/ - o, wa, qua
/ŭ/ - u, o, oo, ou
word lists word lists

The first two tests cover the sounds /ă/ and /ĕ/.

Choose the correct word.

Type the whole word:

I think we all pay too much tax/tacks.
John red/read a story to his son.
A small Coke costs sixty sents/cents.
When it's cold, rap/wrap up warm.
I'll meet you after this lesson/lessen.
Her horse is kept at Manor/Manner Farm.
Jack won a meddle/medal for bravery.
I have been banned/band from driving.
He wanted us to berry/bury him at sea.
I lent/leant over the fence.
She lead/led the way into the shop.
Decide whether/weather you are coming.

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