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Unit 16: Spelling the sound /oi/

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Unit 16: Spelling choices for /oi/ sound: oi or oy

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Spelling the sound /oi/: oi, oy

Choose from:

oi as in oil oy as in boy

think back to spelling teaching When you add a suffix to a word ending in oy, there is no need to change the y. You may remember this from Unit 9.

Work out which letters are missing

Type the whole word:

Let's all j__n in the singing.
There's a ch__ce of four desserts.
That child has far too many t__s.
Can you change these c__ns into notes?
A cunning plan: pl__
The game was sp__lt by foul play.
Keep the n__se down, I'm resting.
This garden s__l is good quality.
A c__ girl pretends to be shy.
What is the p__nt of all this work?
The children sang j__fully.
This chocolate cake is very m__st.

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