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Unit 28: Spelling -tion -cian and -sion words

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Unit 28: Word endings: -tion, -cian, -sion

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Spelling tion, cian and sion words

sion as in mansion Help spelling English words tion, cian and sion

More examples:

expulsion excursion depression tension

Teaching point - learning to spell Some words that end in -sion make a different sound. The s creates a buzzing noise:

sion as in explosion Help spelling English words tion, cian and sion

When you hear this sound, it is always spelled sion. Read aloud the examples below, listening for the sound. Then press on the icons to learn them.

Learn the Words:
Study this word list 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' spelling exercise English spelling games spelling test
English spelling English spelling
abrasion evasion invasion occasion

adhesion cohesion erosion explosion

collision decision vision division

conclusion confusion illusion intrusion

persuasion corrosion television seclusion

provision profusion
English spelling English spelling

Read the clue and choose the right word from the box:

Read the clue

Type the answer

Impact when things collide.
A mix-up or misunderstanding.
Picture entertainment by radio waves.
An attack and entry to another's land.
Abundance, great quantity.
Damaged skin: a graze or scratch.
The wearing away of soil or rocks.
Sticking together.
A final ending.
Sight or dream.
Convincing another; a belief.

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