Unit 23 - Prefixes

The box contains several prefixes. Some have not yet been used in this Unit, so their meanings are given:

English spelling
un dis re in
mis tele anti sub
super de pre inter
homo ex per ante


bi - two tri - three quad - four
com - with con - with aqua - water micro - tiny
contra - against circ - around auto - self trans - across
English spelling
English spelling English spelling

Read the sentences and choose the best prefix to fill the gap:

What is the missing prefix?

Type the whole word

A ___plane has two sets of wings.
Mum put some ___septic on his cut knee.
She got the film star 's ___graph.
The shipwreck is completely ___merged.
The leaves were left to ___compose.
These cars are to be sold for ___port.
A computer contains many ___chips.
The two firms were ___bined into one.
I have ___placed my door key again.
Do not ___dict what I have said.
Save waste and ___cycle all your glass.
I took the ___caution of wearing a coat.


Skip this exercise and go to the next part of this unit: Do root words change when you add a prefix? *

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Unit 23: Prefixes

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