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Unit 21H Homophones: ie and ei words

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Unit 21H: A 'Beat the spellchecker!' test for words from Unit 21

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Unit 21H -
Homophones for Unit 21, ie and ei words

Spelling homophones Spelling homophones...
...the words the computer spellchecker will not spot

This unit tests you on homophones for ie and ei words

Which of the bold words is correct?

Choose the correct word

Type the whole word:

How much longer do we have to weight/wait?
Your sad story had us all in tears/tiers.
He is the air/heir to a huge fortune.
Did you see him seas/seize my purse?
Sticky tape is best for sealing/ceiling packages.
Sheep are farmed in this vale/veil.
A piece/peace treaty has been signed at last.
He laughs in a very strange way/weigh.
When will you deign/Dane to answer me?
Hold tight onto the reigns/reins.
The rescue attempt was in vein/vain.
Fishermen may wade/weighed out into a river.

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