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Unit 10: Spelling the sound /ar/

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Unit 10: Spelling choices for /ar/ sound; ar, al or a?

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Spelling the sound /ar/: ar, al or just a?

Can you spot the wrong words in each sentence?
Each use the /ar/ sound and the first one is done for you.

Spot the wrong word:

Type the correct word:

You're looking very tart today.
Some mushrooms are armful if eaten.
Farm animals are kept in a yarn.
My son is afraid of the bark.
Leave your bike in the lard.
Mark starved his name on the tree.
That knife looks very carp.
Martin got bitten by a spark.
How much will you barge me for that?
The film darts at 8pm.
Garth marked his car carefully.
In the army they learn to starch.

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