Number Idioms for National Pi Day

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Earlier this year we celebrated National Pie Day by looking at expressions about pie in the English language. March 14th marks National Pi Day – a very different celebration indeed!

Pi Day is a celebration of the mathematical constant Π (pronounced pi). Click here to learn more. Here are Spellzone, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to look at idioms featuring mathematics and numbers. How many can you think of?

  1. a million miles away – distracted, lost in thought, daydreaming
  2. a stitch in time saves nine – completing a task or solving a problem immediately may save extra work in the future
  3. as easy as one-two-three – as easy as counting
  4. at sixes and sevens – confused, in a state of total disarray
  5. at the eleventh hour – at the last possible moment
  6. catch-22 – a dilemma from which there is no escape, a no-win situation
  7. dressed to the nines – elaborately dressed up
  8. fifteen minutes of fame – a brief period of fame experienced by an ordinary person
  9. five-finger discount – shoplifting
  10. nine-to-five – typical office hours, used to describe a predictable routine
  11. no two ways about it – there can be no doubt about it
  12. to put two and two together – to correctly solve a problem, to draw an obvious conclusion
  13. of two minds – undecided
  14. something doesn’t add up – there’s a factor at play which makes an explanation seem unlikely
  15. to zero in on – to focus on
  16. to go off on a tangent – to digress
  17. to do the math(s) – to make a calculation, to work something out
  18. six of one half and a dozen of another – no real difference
  19. to take five – to briefly rest
  20. ten to one – very probably

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11 Mar 2019
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