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  1. dinky – sweetly small and neat in British English, small and insignificant in American English
    We ate at that dinky café on the corner. 
    He lives in a dinky apartment on the other side of town. 
  2. diminutive – extremely or unusually small
    She saw a diminutive figure in the distance.
  3. little – small in size (used both affectionately and condescendingly)
    They live in an adorable little cottage in the country.
    Their cottage is so little

  4. mini, miniature – a small version of something 
    I’m wearing a mini skirt tonight. 
    Do you like my miniature doll’s house?

  5. miniscule – extremely small, tiny
    It’s unacceptable how miniscule our salaries are. 
    He suffered a miniscule fracture. 

  6. minute – infinitely or immeasurably small
    The minute dust particles caught the sunlight.
  7. pocket-sized – a smaller version of something, small enough to be carried in a pocket
    I looked up the word in my pocket-sized dictionary.
  8. tiny – very small 
    The ring was covered with tiny twinkling diamonds.
  9. wee – very small, little (Scottish) 
    Their wee lassie is just learning to walk.
  10. weeny – very small, from wee and tiny 
    Adding a new zip to my dress was a weeny bit fiddly. 

Practise spelling these words here.

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21 Jan 2021
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