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For this month's 10 Words feature, we’ve chosen a word that we’ve occasionally heard teachers describe as their nemesis: nice.

Here are 10 alternatives you can use instead:

  1. affable – diffusing warmth and friendliness
    My sister was in an affable mood and agreed to lend me her bike. 
  2. amusing – providing enjoyment, pleasantly entertaining, arousing or provoking laughter
    She was a friendly and amusing person. 
  3. charming – pleasing or delighting
    Her friends adored her mother who was charming and always knew the right thing to say.
  4. delightful – greatly pleasing or entertaining
    The weather was delightful and we were able to go to the beach.
  5. enjoyable – affording satisfaction or pleasure
    We spent an enjoyable afternoon at the park.
  6. entertaining – agreeably diverting
    The film was entertaining but ultimately forgettable.
  7. kind – having or showing a tender and considerate and helpful nature
    My teacher was kind to me when I forgot my homework.
  8. marvellous – extraordinarily good or great 
    We had a marvellous time on holiday.
  9. pleasant – affording pleasure, being in harmony with your taste or likings, having pleasing manners or behaviour
    The evening was pleasant and all you needed to stay comfortable was a light jacket.
  10. pleasurable – affording satisfaction or pleasure 
    The audience waited in pleasurable anticipation for the show to start.

Test yourself on these words here.

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12 Jun 2020
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Sarah Taggart, Oasis Academy Lord's Hill