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Welcome to our new 10 Words blog feature designed to help you expand your vocabulary.  In each article we’ll choose a word and give you 10 other words that you might be able to use in its place. 

To kick off the series, we’ve chosen the word happy. Here are 10 words you could use instead and some example sentences:

1)    Blissful experiencing perfect happiness

  • At the resort, she felt blissful and carefree.

2)    Cheerful ­ – visibly happy or optimistic, promoting happiness through its nature, appearance, or good spirits 

  • The roaring fire made it a cheerful space. 
  • He was extremely cheerful considering the ordeal he’d just been through.

3)    Content experiencing peaceful happiness or satisfaction, displaying a willingness to accept a situation 

  • She had never been more content in her life than at that moment. 
  • He didn’t win but was content with coming second place. 

4)    Delighted – experiencing pleasure or filled with wonder 

  • They were delighted by the good news. 

5)    Ecstatic – experiencing great overwhelming rapture, excitement, or happiness 

  • The ecstatic audience cheered when the band came onstage.

6)    Elated ­­– extremely happy, in high spirits 

  • I felt elated when I finished the race.

7)    Euphoric experiencing intense happiness or an exaggerated feeling of wellbeing 

  • On the day they won the case, the atmosphere in the law office was euphoric

8)    Exultant – triumphantly happy

  • She waved to the exultant crowds. 

9)    Jocular experiencing happiness which is characterised by joking or good humour 

  • Her mother seemed to be in a jocular mood. 

10)    Jovial cheerful, jolly, friendly, in a good mood

  • The new manager’s jovial manner made her likeable to her employees. 

These are just some of the many synonyms for the word happy. How many more can you think of? 

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08 Aug 2019
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