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Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you love Valentine's Day or think it's a complete waste of time, there's no denying that notions of love and heartbreak have inspired writers and artists for thousands of years. There are countless expressions associated with love in the English language: ‘...from the bottom of my heart’, ‘I have a crush on you’, ‘head over heels’, and even ‘broken heart’. So what other word could we choose for our 10 Words feature but love? From romantic love, to familial love, to platonic love; we’ve got the word for you.

1. Admire – to feel admiration for, to regard with warmth and respect

    She really admired how driven her wife was.

2. Adore – to love intensely

    She adored her baby son from the first moment she held him.

3. Besotted – infatuated

    He was besotted with an actor from the new 'Star Wars' film.

4. Care – to feel concern for or interest in someone’s life and wellbeing

    They had been together for almost fifty years and you could tell they still really cared for each other.

5. Cherish – to be fond of, to feel protective of

   The couple promised to love and cherish one another for the rest of their lives.

6. Crazy – to be intensely enthusiastic about

    She was crazy about her new puppy.

7. Devoted – to feel zealous affection for, to feel dedicated to

    Even now, after all the turmoil they’d been through, the couple remained devoted to each other.

8. Fond – to feel warmth, love, and affection for

   They had been best friends for years and though they were fond of each other their relationship was purely platonic.

9. Infatuated – to feel a foolish and unreasoning (and often short lived) fondness or passion for

    He was infatuated with an actor from the new 'Star Wars' film.

10. Smitten – in love

      You could tell they were smitten from the way they looked at each other.


Click here to practise spelling these words and here to practise Valentine’s Day vocabulary words.

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14 Feb 2020
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