Thirty Idioms about Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, we’re looking at thirty idioms about love.

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    1. a match made in heaven – a relationship/pairing in which each member/part perfectly complements the other
    2. an item – a couple who are involved in an established relationship
    3. better half – partner/spouse
    4. birds of a feather flock together – people who have the same outlook/tastes/interests will be found in each other’s company
    5. blind date –a meeting between two people who do not know each other, arranged in the hope that a romance might develop between them
    6. double date – a social occasion attended by two couples
    7. head over heels – intensely in love
    8. love is blind – when you love someone, you no longer see/care about their faults
    9. love me, love my dog – if you love someone you must accept everything about them including their faults
    10. lovey-dovey – romantic and affectionate (often excessively so)
    11. other half – partner/spouse
    12. puppy love – intense, new, and usually superficial love (often said in reference to love experienced by teenagers)
    13. the apple of someone’s eye – the person someone adores
    14. those three little words – the words ‘I love you’
    15. to be hung up on someone – to long for/be obsessed with someone
    16. to fall for – to fall in love with
    17. to (take a) fancy (to) someone – to become fond of/attracted to someone
    18. to fix/set someone up – to arrange a meeting between two people in the hope that they might develop a romantic connection
    19. to get hitched – to get married
    20. to go Dutch – to equally share the cost of something (usually a meal)
    21. to go steady with someone – to be in a relationship with someone
    22. to have a crush on someone – to be attracted to someone
    23. to hit it off – to immediately get on with someone
    24. to pop the question – to propose marriage
    25. to say ‘I do!’ – to agree to marriage (in reference to making vows in the wedding ceremony)
    26. to settle down with someone – to adopt a steady and stable lifestyle with someone (sometimes after marriage and with the intention of having children)
    27. to take someone’s breath away – to inspire the feeling of awe in someone
    28. to tie the knot – to marry
    29. to whisper sweet nothings – to whisper words of affection
    30. two’s company, three’s a crowd – two people, especially two people who are in love, should be left alone

If you’ve found this post useful, why not check out our other articles on idioms?

14 Feb 2017
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