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For this week’s 10 Words feature, we’ve chosen the word angry

Don’t forget that the alternate words we share in these articles aren’t always direct swaps. Make sure you read the example sentences to see each word used in context.
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Here are 10 alternatives for angry:

1.    Cross – annoyed and irritable
       The girl had forgotten her homework and was afraid the teacher would be cross with her. 

2.    Enraged – marked by extreme anger
       She felt enraged by the state of current politics.

3.     Exasperated – greatly annoyed; out of patience 
        She was exasperated by her son’s constant lateness.

4.     Furious – marked by extreme, possibly violent, anger
        He was furious when he found out his parents had been lying to him.

5.    Incensed ­– angered at something unjust or wrong 
       They were incensed by the cruel and inhumane way their government were treating refugees.

6.    Indignant – angered at something unjust or wrong 
       He was indignant when accused of misconduct.

7.    Irate – feeling or showing extreme anger
       The newspaper editor received hundreds of irate letters a week.

8.     Irked – irritated or vexed
        He was irked by the novel’s message.

9.    Seething – in constant agitation
       After years of seething, he finally exploded.

10.   Vexed – troubled persistently especially with petty annoyances
        She felt vexed that he didn’t seem to be understanding what she was saying. 

How many more words for angry can you think of? 

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11 Oct 2019
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